$tand By Me ® offers free financial counseling; learn to budget, save

February 21, 2018

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about taxes, and tax preparation and payment can become additional stresses when people are worried about how to buy heating oil, food, pay the rent, and perhaps even medicine.

People who deal with food insecurity, including – but not limited to – the seniors we serve may have never learned how to create a budget, plan for major purchases, or establish a good credit rating. Free financial coaching is available not only to learn how to plan for retirement, but also to avoid unnecessary debt in the future.

Rather than run up credit card debt or fall into the hands of unscrupulous lenders, Delawareans who need financial counseling can find it through a reputable, reliable, and free, one-on-one program called $tand By Me ®.

The Food Bank of Delaware partners with this program to provide Delaware residents with a personal financial coach and a tool kit designed to help build personal financial security and economic opportunities.

The program can help people devise a personal savings program, get out of debt, balance a budget to afford major purchases, including a car or home. In addition, $tand By Me coaching is available in English and Spanish, and a separate program helps retirees manage finances and maintain their quality of life.

There are no hidden fees.

Whether your goal is to seek credit education, or purchase your first home, trained financial coaches are available statewide to help you for free.

To learn more about $tand By Me®, please visit www.standbymede.org  or contact the Food Bank’s $tand By Me counselors: Lisa Grinnage (302) 292-1305 ext. 206 or lgrinnage@fbd.org in New Castle County or Elisa Lopez De la Cruz at (302) 424-3301 ext. 117 or eDeLaCruz@fbd.org.

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