Weekly food box helps grand mom care for three grandchildren

February 2, 2022

Sandra, a Wilmington resident, found herself in a tough spot when she went online looking for food assistance; that’s how she found the Food Bank of Delaware. She filled out the application and realized that we also offer home delivery to those who qualify, removing another obstacle to feeding her family.

“I don’t drive, and I don’t have a vehicle,” she said. She lives in an apartment she shares with her three grandchildren, ages 10, 13, and 15. To make matters more challenging, there’s no supermarket within walking distance. And if she asks friends for a ride, she’s charged at least $5, and as much as $10 for transportation.

Although her grandchildren receive meals in school, her SNAP benefits – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps – just don’t last a month. Teens and a pre-teen have hearty appetites.

“It’s a great help,” said Sandra. She says they look forward to the box of food being dropped off at the door to her building. Since she is able to cook, and is obviously somewhat proficient at preparing nutritious meals, her grandchildren have been happier too. “The beef in a can . . . I make it with rice and beans. They love it. It really helps me a lot,” she said.

To learn more about home delivery programming at the Food Bank of Delaware, please click here.

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