When Expenses Exceed Paychecks, the Food Bank Provides Help

August 19, 2021

We often hear about neighbors— due to limited financial resources — who must decide whether to purchase food or their medicine. Kate, who asked us not to use her real name, deals with an equally harsh reality: pay the rent or buy food.

This Wilmington resident, the 47-year-old mom of two sons, 16 and 13, works full-time as a home health aide. Her salary barely covers the $1,100 monthly rent. She has no car and must rely on the DART bus to ride to work. That’s why she went to the Food Bank of Delaware’s web site to ask for food assistance.

She’s now receiving a weekly box of food for her family, delivered to her door. Thanks to a collaboration between the Food Bank and Amazon, Kate – as well as other Healthy Pantry members — receives a weekly box of food. The Food Bank recently entered a similar agreement with Door Dash for people in the Newark area. Click here to learn more about our free delivery options.

For Kate, the delivery service is almost as significant as the box’s contents. Like many inner-city residents, as well as those who live in isolated rural neighborhoods, she and her family live in what’s known as a “food desert,” an area where residents lack access to grocery stores. There are none!

For the groceries she’s able to afford, without a car Kate must shop online at a supermarket that provides delivery service.

Through her recent connection to the Food Book, Kate also got some help applying for SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – benefits. This program was formerly known as food stamps. She’s waiting for her State of Delaware social worker to process the paperwork to complete the enrollment process.

Kate’s maintained a positive attitude despite also having to home school her two boys, both of whom have diagnosed learning disabilities. The Food Bank programs have helped.

“The Food Bank is really a blessing,” she said. “It benefits so many people who need food and can’t find help.”

The Food Bank’s Healthy Pantry Center also offers emergency food pick up. Click here to learn more.

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