WIC cooking demonstrations help clients stay happy and healthy

June 13, 2019

By Kate Grabowski, Communications Intern

Driving down Ogletown Road in Newark, you might miss the Hudson State Service Center. From the outside it may not appear as the hub of activity that it is, however it is home to one of Delaware’s WIC clinics and a slew of other social services for Delaware. Last Thursday it hosted a cooking demonstration done by the Food Bank’s WIC Education Specialist, Alisha Beckford, and WIC Intern, Lovcelia Slour.

The WIC Outreach and Education program addresses the uses of all of the foods presented on the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) food package to pregnant and postpartum women and their young families, as well as nutrition topics concerning pregnant women, parents, and children through the age of five. Clients learn healthy food choices and how to plan and prepare nutritious meals for their families.

Each month, Alisha and her counterpart, Chong Yi, travel to WIC clinics in Delaware to conduct cooking demonstrations for WIC clients. These demonstrations include at least one recipe that uses the ingredients available in the WIC food packages. On Thursday, Alisha and Lovcelia exhibited how to prepare two recipes—BBQ Veggie Pizza and Oatmeal Cranberry Bites. Not only did Alisha and Lovcelia demonstrate how to prepare these delicious recipes, they also offered the families in attendance samples of the final product.

Outside of the WIC clinic cooking demonstrations, Alisha and Chong also conduct demonstrations and educational workshops at other community locations. These workshops are aimed to educate and show clients about the WIC food packages, as well as demonstrate how versatile the food provided can be.

The WIC program helps families throughout the state of Delaware stay happy and healthy! Thank you Alisha, Chong, and Lovcelia for playing a large role in making this happen.

Please try out and enjoy the recipes below!


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