Culinary School Spotlight: Romario Brown

August 16, 2017

Born and raised in Jamaica, twenty-one-year-old Romario moved to America with his family just over four months ago. Back in Jamaica, he held a job as a cook and an employee in a guest house. Cooking has always been a passion.

Before enrolling in The Culinary School, he helped friends with odd jobs including catering.

A friend of Romario’s learned about The Culinary School online. “Because I was interested in the culinary area, he told me that the Food Bank had a culinary school,” he says.

Romario will graduate with his fellow classmates in September. He is working hard in the Newark kitchen and classroom to sharpen his skills.

Knife skills, mother sauces and food safety are some of the most important lessons learned so far.

Food safety has probably been most valuable though. “I wasn’t thinking about that before. Since I’ve been here, it’s opened up my eyes more,” he says.

Some of Romario’s favorite cuisines to prepare include Jamaican, American and Chinese.

Thanks to a field trip to Grain H20 with Grain’s Corporate Executive Chef Jim Berman, Romario had the chance to eat mushrooms for the first time.

His hard work in the kitchen and classroom is paying off. Recently, Romario accepted a position working in the kitchen at the new Metro Diner near the Christiana Hospital. When he is not attending class at The Culinary School, he is working.

He says the training received at The Culinary School has prepared him for the hustle and bustle of a working kitchen.

Five years from now, Romario envisions owning his own restaurant. He already has a name picked out, too! The Z Spot will specialize in Italian, Brazillian, Jamaican and Korean foods, he explains.

For students considering The Culinary School, Romario encourages them to go for it. “It teaches you a lot,” he explains. “It is going to benefit your life. You are are going to come out of school learning something – you have to learn something.”

Interested in a career in the food service industry? The next culinary class in both Newark and Milford begins Monday, September 25. Click here to learn more or to apply online! 

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