Culinary School Spotlight: Alexis Conix

June 12, 2018

By Ashley Stahmer, Communications Intern

Applying to The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware was an easy decision for Alexis Conix. Her mother was a chef, and Alexis is always cooking at home. Her dad is diabetic, so Alexis hopes to learn more cooking skills so she can come up with healthy recipes for her family. She applied to the culinary program as soon as she heard about the opportunity on Facebook and is so grateful that she did.

At only 22 years old, Alexis anticipated a longer timeline for culinary school. However, The Culinary School’s accelerated 14-week program has helped her move quicker than expected. “The program has brought everything closer. I’m not unsure about what I want to do. This program has confirmed and is helping me start early,” she says.

The program has offered Alexis so much that she couldn’t pick just one favorite part. “There’s too much. I like being in the kitchen, and I’m very hands-on, so I get a little bit of everything,” she points out. “I also like the nutritionist, because I’d like to start a new healthy lifestyle. I like everything.”

Before applying to the program, Alexis worked for the post office. If it weren’t for the culinary program, she said she would probably still be working there to raise money for dental school.

Now, though, she’s able to pursue her culinary hobby and plan for her future career. Through all of her plans, Alexis’s main goal is to help the community. “I ultimately want to help people. When I make my own company, I want to make sure that I’m still giving back,” she says.

Alexis is beyond thankful for the opportunities that the culinary program has helped her pursue. She encourages anyone who’s considering the program to apply and put in the work for themselves. “Just do it. Commit, and stay committed. The only thing it’ll cost you is your time. You will learn,” she advises. “Coming here, I thought I was only going to learn about food. It’s not just food; it’s food and everything else that involves you as a worker.”

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