Culinary School Spotlight: Gerri Hynson

June 22, 2016

By Joanna Scatasti, Communications Intern 

Through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program at Delaware’s Department of Social Services, Gerri learned about The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware.  An aspiring business owner, Gerri is excited to use the information gained as a student in order to make her dreams come true.

Typically, students who enroll in The Culinary School are those seeking to turn their lives around, to guide themselves to a steady job, or to further pursue their passion of cooking.  Gerri, however, decided that she didn’t want to be retired anymore.  Instead, she decided to spend her time learning how to cook, to further her passion, and to overall gain the skills to be a business-owner.

“It was more or less of a transition.  I wanted to do something that I really enjoyed, and cooking happened to be one of my passions. So I decided to go out with a bang and really learn how to cook,” she said.

The transition from blissful retirement to working hard was something that Gerri didn’t mind.  Most importantly, she noted, her personality and demeanor changed altogether.  “Before I entered into the program, I was a very quiet, laidback person—I’m more sociable now.”

Her laidback attitude towards the program is what makes her truly great. “I enjoy cooking, so why not take this challenge and just fly with it? And so far, it’s been good.”

Her experience has been so great that Gerri continues to sing praises to The Culinary Program.  She openly encourages those who are both employed and unemployed to really take a look into it and the many benefits that are attached.  “With an open mind,” she says, “anyone can succeed and excel.”

Want to learn more about The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware? Click here for more information!


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