Culinary School Spotlight: Javon Brown

July 9, 2018

by Ashley Stahmer, Communications Intern

Even though Javon Brown has always enjoyed cooking, he didn’t have the chance to turn it into a career until he applied for The Culinary School.  He heard of the class through the Department of Corrections’ work release program.  Javon’s thankful for the opportunity to expand his cooking skills and knowledge. “This is another stepping stone to get me where I need to be,” he says.

The culinary classes have taught Javon about more than food.  He appreciates the teamwork atmosphere of the program and loves meeting good people, like the other students in his class and those working for the Food Bank.  If he wasn’t taking this class now, Javon believes that he would be looking for a program just like this one.  He says, “I was already sure about going into food service, but the class boosted my skills and taught me about the industry.  It showed me what’s going to be hard and what won’t be.”

In the next few years, Javon hopes to open his own business, though he’s still deciding whether to start with a food truck or a restaurant.  He hopes to be working on business plans and proposals in five years’ time.  As for what kind of food he’ll serve, Javon says his focus will be “whatever food makes people happy”.

Javon believes that everything happens for a reason, and he’s grateful that he found The Culinary School.  “I would encourage anyone who likes to cook or wants to be in this business to try this class,” he says. “Take your time, and trust the process.”

Interested in a career in the food service industry? Click here to learn more about The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware!

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