Culinary School Student Spotlight: Kiana Oaddams

October 30, 2018

Cooking is one of Kiana Oaddams’ passions. She learned about The Culinary School through her mom, and one-hundred percent of Kiana’s tuition is covered thanks to the Delaware Department of Labor.

She was “very excited” to learn about the opportunity. Now in her ninth week of class, Kiana is applying what she’s learning at The Culinary School to her job at a local deli. She has offered advice to her managers, and they have willingly accepted it she said.

In the kitchen, Kiana likes to make cheesecakes. Some of her personal favorite foods include macaroni and cheese,  shrimp and lobster alfredo and chicken. Kiana’s love for macaroni and cheese paid off a few weeks ago when her team won the class macaroni and cheese competition.

For graduation, she hopes to prepare salmon burgers with a mint yogurt sauce.

“Now that I am following my passions, I just want to be in the kitchen,” she said. “I just want to cook.”

Kiana is learning as much as she can from her chef instructors. “Chef Tish has actually taught me a lot,” said Kiana. “She is a motivating speaker. She tells you how it is… how it is in the business.”

Culinary alumnus Tony Thorne visited Kiana and her fellow classmates recently. He graduated from the program in Milford in August and will open his new restaurant in January. “He inspired me a lot. I think I can do that, too,” she said.

Upon graduation, she hopes to be working in a kitchen. Five years from now, she envisions being a “top chef” in her own restaurant!

For now, Kiana and her classmates are persevering to successfully complete the program. “I love my classmates. I love each one, and I tell them every day,” she explains. “I give them words of advice saying, ‘Don’t give up, let’s continue this class. This is our eighth week [at time of interview], let’s finish the rest!'”

For students considering The Culinary School, Kiana advises, “Do it. It’s worth it… it’s going to change your life.”

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