Culinary Student Spotlight: Josh Trainer

May 9, 2016

By: Lindsey Hargett, Communications Intern

Before Josh Trainer enrolled in The Culinary School, he was hanging out around his house looking for something to spark his passion for cooking. He has always enjoyed cooking, but did not have any professional training. Before entering the food service job market, he had hoped to get certification and some experience under his belt.

“I actually found out about The Culinary School on Facebook,” he said.”I asked my mom about it, and she told me to shoot for the stars, so I enrolled and [The Culinary School] has changed my life,”
Josh, who completed a stay in rehab, is now proudly seven months sober and is thriving at The Culinary School.

“I have learned so much already, and I keep learning more every day,” he said.

When he is not in class, Josh is interning at a Wilmington bakery and also working at 2 Fat Guys.

“I really like to bake, so the fact that they placed me in a bakery for my internship was perfect,” Josh explained.” It is great how they place you where your passions and strengths are. You can really work on your skills and excel at what you are doing. It is not some random placement.”

His favorite thing to bake is his grandma’s recipe for double chocolate cake. It is an old Hershey’s recipe with her own twist and it is “amazing,” he says.

“I do not get to have it often, but when I do it is out of this world.”

Josh is an eager student and plans to get “everything” out of his 14-week training program

“I want to experience everything I possibly can. Any sort of knowledge I can soak up I will take, I swear I am like a sponge with this place,” he laughed. “But seriously I want to get all the hands on experience I can get, that is why I get here so early in the morning, even the littlest things I learn still have a huge impact.”

In the next five years, Josh hopes to be saving for a house, starting a family, climbing the culinary career ladder and working on a business plan for his own food truck.

Ready for a career change? Learn more about The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware, by clicking here.

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