Culinary training jump starts career

February 18, 2022

Jacob Armstrong currently works in a kitchen, but wanted to expand his knowledge and skillset to become an asset to his employer.

The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware was the perfect place to further develop his skills.

“I felt I could help out my chef a little bit more if I were to learn more about cooking, so I could give him more of a hand,” he explained.

Under the instruction of Chef Ron Roll, Jacob and his classmates are starting week 11 of their 14-week training program. Over the course of the training program, Jacob and his classmates have learned about food safety, proper knife handling, cooking techniques, mother sauces, and they are preparing to take the ServSafe® examination; a passing score will help students stand out when looking for employment.

The class will soon start their two-week work experiences before graduating later in March.

For Jacob, “working as a team, best cooking techniques and how to hold the knife” have been most valuable.

He knows the training program is helping him navigate the kitchen better. “It never hurts to learn and experience more,” he said. “What I see in life, is it’s better to experience things…”

As far as hands-on experience in the kitchen, Jacob has made a variety of dishes including chicken pot pie, fish, soups and more.

He knows that his culinary training is helping him to establish a career. Five years from now, he hopes to continue to expand his knowledge while climbing the ranks in the kitchen.

Interested in starting a new career? The next free 14-week training program of The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware begins on March 28 in Newark and Milford. Apply today by clicking here.

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