Free Nutrition Classes at the Food Bank of Delaware

October 11, 2021

By Kirsten Torrey, University of Delaware Dietetic Intern

Are you interested in learning more about nutrition and physical activity for yourself or your family? The Food Bank of Delaware offers two different FREE virtual or in-person nutrition classes! In-person classes take place at the Food Bank of Delaware’s 222 Lake Drive, Newark location.

The first is “MyPlate for My Family”. This series consists of four 1-hour sessions for adults under 60 years. It teaches tips and tricks to incorporate all food groups into your family’s diet, increase physical activity, and maintain a healthy diet on a limited budget.

The second is “Eat Smart, Live Strong” which also consists of four 1-hour sessions for adults aged 60 years and older. It teaches ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and how to safely increase physical activity.

All classes are interactive and fun! In each class, participants will receive recipes and nutrition information handouts. These will help you and your family incorporate what was learned in class in your own home! Incentives for attending the classes are provided at each lesson, but after completion of the entire program, participants will receive a special prize.

Register at for free virtual and in-person nutrition classes to learn how to make more nutritious food choices and healthy lifestyle changes!

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