Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc. Receives Pantry Makeover from Food Lion Feeds

September 26, 2022

The food pantry at Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc. (KSI) has received $7,775 from Food Lion Feeds to help improve operations, increase its capacity to donate more food to food-insecure neighbors and purchase needed equipment. KSI, a partner agency with the Food Bank of Delaware, received the funds through Food Lion Feeds’ The Great Pantry Makeover effort. In addition to providing funds for the capital improvement project, local Food Lion associates will provide support by donating volunteer hours as part of its largest associate volunteer initiative.

“A partnership like this with Food Lion means the world to us,” said KSI CEO Jayson Crouch, noting the support of Food Lion Feeds’ funds will literally support a pantry makeover and improve services in the operation which has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pantry makeover helps create sustainability in operations and allows the pantry to serve more people. For example, KSI provides both breakfast and lunch to their clients. Because of limited space and COVID restrictions, service operations were disrupted. Meals were served in the work area rather than at cafeteria tables. Additionally, the pantry will receive a shelf-stable perishable and perishable donation to stock the pantry and more than $3,500 in Food Lion gift cards in support of the food pantry through the holidays and winter months.

The annual campaign takes place every September to align with Hunger Action Month, a time when Food Lion Feeds deepens its extensive existing partnership with Feeding America to raise awareness and inspire action to help people facing impossible choices resulting from food insecurity.

“We are proud to partner with Kent-Sussex Industries Inc. during Hunger Action Month to help raise awareness of this nationwide effort to help end hunger,” said Kevin Durkee, Manager, Food Lion Feeds, Food Lion. “The Great Pantry Makeover provides our associates a great opportunity to connect with their neighbors while nourishing the towns and cities we serve.”

Now in its eighth year, Food Lion associates support these local efforts by volunteering to complete pantry improvements. Their volunteer hours include remodels ranging from painting and cleaning pantries to installing shelving, freezers, coolers and other equipment to expand the capacity for fresh fruits, vegetables and other products. In addition to performing the work, Food Lion associates will stock the pantry shelves with food.



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