Kitchen School Spotlight: David Giblin

June 7, 2023

Dover resident David Giblin is enjoying his Kitchen School experience. “I love it here,” he said.

Why? “I’m learning new things in the kitchen,” he added.

In addition, he’s developed confidence. “I know I will pass the ServSafe ® exam.”

David recognizes there’s more to school than workforce skills. “There are very nice people here. I haven’t worked in aw hile because of my disability,” he explained.

He’s looking forward to his workplace internship that started this week, and he’s pleased that he’s improved the cooking skills he uses at home.

His favorite food to prepare: tacos or spaghetti.

The Kitchen School – offered at both our Newark and Milford sites – is a free 12-week food service training program designed for adults with disabilities. The Kitchen School represents a partnership between the Delaware Restaurant Association and the Food Bank in collaboration with teachers and counselors specializing in work with individuals with disabilities. Students spend  eight weeks at the Food Bank kitchen learning kitchen safety and sanitation and cooking skills; after that, an additional four weeks is spent transitioning to permanent employment through on-site job coaching.

Additionally, Kitchen School staff provides support for students and employers one year after graduation.

While a date has not been set for the start of the fall class in Milford, a class will start at our Newark site on Sept. 5!

Learn more by clicking here!

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