L.O.G.I.C. Student Spotlight: Devin Minter

June 20, 2019

By Kate Grabowski, Communications Intern

Devin is focused on creating opportunities for a successful career in the warehousing field, and the L.O.G.I.C. (Logistics, Operations, General Warehousing, and Inventory Control) program is helping him get there.

L.O.G.I.C. is part of Delaware Food Works, the Food Bank of Delaware’s workforce development program.

Enrolling primarily to get OSHA-10 and forklift certified, Devin never could have predicted the array of opportunities the program would offer him.

Devin has learned more about himself and his future career goals by touring different facilities like the Walmart Distribution Center and Bloom Energy; however, his favorite place that he has visited is Habitat for Humanity. Previously volunteering for Habitat, Devin knows the importance of having a strong meaning behind his work.

He describes himself as driven and ambitious and says he “is adamant about succeeding in life.”

Devin and his classmates are busy working in both the classroom and warehouse. In the warehouse they are learning how to properly operate equipment like forklifts, end riders, pallet jacks and more. This week they began aerial safety training.

Learning at the Food Bank and interacting with his classmates energizes and inspires Devin—“I love the people, that and learning all the equipment is the best part.” Devin sees each lesson as a chance to learn something new, explaining that he is always “excited and anxious to learn new things.”

“I am thankful for the Food Bank for opening their doors  for me to learn more about my field of choice,” he says. “The staff here are positive, patient, understanding and will do anything in there power to help you succeed.”

To learn more about the 11-week L.O.G.I.C. program, click here

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  • Devin Minter says:

    This Devin Minter the L.O.G.I.C. student in which this blog is written about. I just want to say the opening and second paragraph is all wrong. The food-bank is not my second chance, but it does provide a better chance for me to get a job in a field that I enjoy working in, which is warehousing. Do to something I did over 8 years ago I am looked at in a negative manner instead of getting a chance to prove my worth and showing my strong work ethic. I have never been frustrated or discouraged at my troubles, in fact it makes me even more focused. I’m very more of a person that is driven, ambitious and adamant about succeeding in life, which is why I came to the food bank. (Me being on probation is the last thing I would let stop me from being the boss I am meant to be and I would never use that as an excuse). As a student of the L.O.G.I.C. program I’m here to further educate myself about warehouse management and create more opportunities which increases my chances of success in a world that chooses to judges people on there past. With all that said I and thankful for the food-bank for opening there doors for me to learn more about my field of choice. The staff here are positive, patient, understanding and will do anything in there power to help you succeed.
    Thanks again.
    -Devin Minter

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