Lake Forest students support the Food Bank and community

October 28, 2015

Lake Forest High School students Kaylee and Brandon display some of the most important items in the school’s food closet. The closet serves students and their families, and it’s particularly busy during the fall and winter.

By Gwen Guerke, Communications Coordinator

Students at Lake Forest High School have been long-time and dedicated supporters of the Food Bank of Delaware. Their successful food drives stock not only the food closet at the high school, but also on at Lake Forest Central Elementary School across the street.

Student-led drives also contribute to the Lake Forest Church Association’s pantry in Harrington.

For many years, Karen Williams, a Food Bank board member, social studies teacher, and Student Council adviser, has organized and encouraged the food drives as well as other activities that give back to the community.

The food closet at this rural high school is literally located in former closet just off the lobby. The closet, fitted with shelves and a freezer, is now in its fourth year of service to students and their families.

“Of course, we’re busier in the fall and winter,” Karen said, noting that the well-stocked shelves reflect the students’ generosity.

“I only placed one order (to the Food Bank’s Milford warehouse) last year, and that was for frozen protein,” she added.

Some of the food comes from designated dress code variation days, such as bring in some pasta on Sweatpants Day or cereal on Hat Day.

The largest food drive, however, is just around the corner: Battle of the Belly. From Nov. 2 – Nov. 10, students in all six of the district’s schools will compete in food drives scheduled in conjunction with the annual Battle of the Bell football game.

The game pits Lake Forest against arch-rival Milford High School; this year’s game is Friday, Nov. 13 in Milford’s stadium.

Last year’s Battle of the Belly resulted in a collection of more than 3 ½ tons of food, and that’s food that is returned back to the community.

In addition to collecting food, students at this high school can also be seen volunteering at the Food Bank’s Turkey Round Up and helping at mobile food pantries.

For more information about how to conduct a food drive or to volunteer for the Food Bank of Delaware, visit

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