Meet the 302 Food Rescue Crew: Margaret

December 5, 2023

Margaret, a North Wilmington resident, is somewhat new to the 302 Food Rescue Crew , but she describes volunteering as fun. “It gives me purpose,” she said. Margaret, who says she’s “recently disabled and retired.” She learned about this volunteering opportunity from a magazine she picked up at the Helen Graham Cancer Center where she goes for treatments.

“I read it, and I thought ‘Dang, that’s something I can do.’ It’s just once a week,” she said.

The 302 Food Rescue, a community collaboration with the Food Bank of Delaware, the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association and a sponsorship by Bayhealth, is an initiative to help reduce food waste and feed more people through technology.

Crew member Margaret picks up at Acme in North Wilmington – once at ShopRite on Concord Pike, then delivers to St. Patrick’s in Wilmington.

“It takes me about an hour, and I deliver good, wholesome food that is saved from dump,” she said.

A smart phone app, 302 Food Rescue, connects volunteers like Margaret with fresh, nutritious food from grocery stores, caterers, farms, hotels, and restaurants. Through the app, volunteers can receive alerts, select time and dates to participate, as well as driving distance. To learn more about this program, visit or download the free app, 302 Food Rescue today.

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