302 Food Rescue Crew Spotlight: Michelle

February 15, 2023

Michelle is super enthusiastic about volunteering for the 302 Food Rescue; she’s even recruited a neighbor to sign on. This Newark retiree and part-time personal assistant completed four rescues in December. That means she moved 464 pounds of perishable food from being tossed out to an agency that distributes to people who will use it.

The 302 Food Rescue is relatively new; it’s a  collaboration between the Food Bank of Delaware and the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association coupled with sponsorship by Bayhealth.  Launched in November during a small ceremony outside the Milford Food Lion, this initiative is designed to help reduce food waste and feed more people through technology. A smart phone app, 302 Food Rescue, connects volunteers – the 302 Food Rescue Crew – with fresh, nutritious food from grocery stores, caterers, farms, hotels, and restaurants.

The volunteer, like Michelle,  delivers to statewide organizations that serve food-insecure individuals. Through the app, volunteers can receive alerts, select time and dates to participate, as well as driving distance.

Michelle’s career was in technology, and she was impressed by the app. “I’ve told my friends the app is user friendly, easy to set up, and easy to use,” she said. “It has very nice visuals and can synch with your GPS, like Waze or Google maps.”

She also observed that the quality of the food she’s delivering. “It’s very high quality. The produce is wonderful. I was totally impressed.”

Michelle was even more impressed with the people she meets. “Everyone is very friendly. On the giving side, they are generous and helpful. The same on the receiving side. They are very thankful and appreciative as well. The thankfulness of the recipients went beyond what I expected.”

To learn more about this new program, visit 302FoodRescue.org or download the free app, 302 Food Rescue today.


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