302 Food Rescue Crew Spotlight: Meg

February 15, 2023

While reading a Sunday newspaper, a short article about a volunteer opportunity caught Meg’s eyes. And she responded to it simply by downloading an app to her phone. Now Meg’s a food rescuer.

The 302 Food Rescue is relatively new; it’s a  collaboration between the Food Bank of Delaware and the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association coupled with sponsorship by Bayhealth.  Launched in November during a small ceremony outside the Milford Food Lion, this initiative is designed to help reduce food waste and feed more people through technology. A smart phone app, 302 Food Rescue, connects volunteers – the 302 Food Rescue Crew – with fresh, nutritious food from grocery stores, caterers, farms, hotels, and restaurants.

The volunteer delivers to statewide organizations that serve food-insecure individuals. Through the app, volunteers can receive alerts, select time and dates to participate, as well as driving distance.

During December, Meg completed three rescues and delivered 364 pounds of food. In addition, she found the experiences to be greatly rewarding for little effort on her part. After dropping off food to Rosehill Community Center, she said “I love that place. They are serving a lot of people, and there is always somebody there to help you,” she said. “It inspired me, and I was so impressed by the generosity of people working in the center.”

To learn more about this new program, visit 302FoodRescue.org or download the free app, 302 Food Rescue today.


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