Rising Above: Brandon’s Hands-On Path to the Industrial World

August 7, 2023

By Matthew Onyango, Bank of America Student Leader 

Brandon Sheats’s journey into the industrial field is shaped by his early experiences at St. George’s Technical School, where he discovered his interest in automotive mechanics. His learning at the LOGIC program further expanded his knowledge, although the program wasn’t always directly related to his industrial aspirations. However, his connection to the food bank and his mom’s involvement in giving back to the community created an opportunity for him to continue his education in the industrial field through the LOGIC program.

Throughout the program, Brandon has been exposed to various aspects of warehousing and logistics, including safety training through OSHA, learning about warehouse basics, logistics, and machinery, and having an opportunity to earn his Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician credentials. The training program has given him a well-rounded understanding of the industry and has allowed him to flourish in the warehouse, particularly under the guidance of Newark Operations Director Brian Henderson.

In the warehouse, he enjoys tasks related to packaging, shipping, docking, and operating machinery. His preference for hands-on work and intensive tasks aligns well with the physical demands often found in the warehousing/logistics field. The standing forklift has become his favorite piece of machinery. 

After completing the L.O.G.I.C. program, Brandon plans to seek employment in either a warehouse or automotive setting. With his diverse skill set and interest in various aspects of the industrial field, he may find opportunities in both areas. Whether it’s working with cars or managing warehouse operations, Brandon’s dedication and passion for hands-on work will undoubtedly contribute to his success. 


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