7-year-old boy raises food and funds for Delawareans

April 30, 2020

Thanks to the generous spirit of 7-year-old Landon Jones – and the support of his parents, John and Amy, and sister and brother, the Food Bank of Delaware and the people we served received 266 pounds of food and a cash donation of $4,205!

Amy Jones said their home-based food drive came about at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when Landon and his dad were having a bed-time chat.

Landon said he’d like to help people by giving them food. Mrs. Jones followed up on the discussion by reaching out to our Community Relations Director Chad Robinson about having a food drive involving family, neighbors and friends. Landon and his siblings made signs, then their mom took photos and posted them on Facebook.

Deliveries were made to a table set up outside the family’s detached garage.  Once the collection was complete and sorted, the family dropped off their donation earlier this week.

“People who contributed were very generous, and every little bit helps. We teach our kids to help others when they can,” said Mrs. Jones.

“We are so thankful for Landon and his family,” said Chad. “He is a shining example of it doesnt matter your age, we can all make a difference in our communities!”

Their efforts will be greatly appreciated by food-insecure Delawareans. Thanks to Landon’s collection of $4,205, we will be able to provide 12,615 meals to Delawareans in need!

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