Bold Future Leadership Award: Jerry Heisler

May 2, 2017

Last Thursday we hosted our annual dinner and honored nine supporters who have gone above and beyond to support our Creating a Bold Future capital campaign! Over the next several weeks, we will highlight each of our honorees. 

Navigating the construction industry is a daunting task. The retrofit of 222 Lake Drive requires industry expertise. Fortunately for the Food Bank of Delaware, Jerry Heisler, Executive Manager of the Reybold Group, stepped up to the plate to guide the Food Bank through the construction process as our Owner’s Representative.

Over the past several months, Jerry has advised the Food Bank on important decisions regarding vendors, budgeting and more. His knowledge and excellent reputation has provided valuable insight allowing the organization to continue to stay on mission through the early stages of the construction process.

He is committed to ensuring that our vision of creating a destination at 222 Lake Drive becomes a reality.

Over the past several months, Jerry has served as a sounding board for issues and concerns, shared his knowledge about the industry and used his knowledge of the political process to benefit the Food Bank of Delaware.

Jerry has become a strong participant in the Creating a Bold Future capital campaign and has helped introduce new individuals to the work of the Food Bank.

Jerry speaks highly of the Food Bank when he is out and about in the community and always has the best interest of the organization in mind. We are grateful to have him on our side!

Thank you, Jerry, for your commitment!

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