Culinary School Spotlight: Ba’lisha White

April 8, 2024

By Gabriella Fernandez, Communications Intern

Ba’lisha White also known as Chef B, is a part of our 14- week culinary training program, certified by the Delaware Department Education, that prepares students for careers in the food service industry. She is just a few weeks from graduation and is preparing to bring her new found skills to the kitchen. 

B’s journey into the culinary world began unexpectedly as she came across The Culinary School while scrolling through her Facebook feed one day. She was intrigued by the program and wanted to learn more. She was drawn by the opportunity to pursue her passion for cooking. 

B says that her favorite part of the program has been the education and the knowledge and skills she acquired. She was particularly interested in the anatomy of kitchen knives and how each part of the knife has a name. This hands-on experience and guidance has allowed her to grow as a chef and aid her in reaching her goals. 

B’s goals include owning her own restaurant which will offer a diverse menu to show off her creativity. As for her post-graduation plans, this is only the beginning. B aims to be in the National Restaurant Association Apprenticeship where she can continue to excel in her career as a chef. In five years, she envisions being on magazine covers. Everyone will know Chef B’s name. She is starting a journey of professional growth, happiness and success. 

To those considering the program, B offers encouragement and advice. She explains how valuable this opportunity is with free education and the personal and professional growth that comes with it. When describing the Food Bank, she says it is more than a program. B explains how involved and committed the Food Bank of Delaware is to serving the community and providing resources for anyone and everyone. We are excited to continue following Chef B’s journey and wish her the best of luck! 


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