Culinary School Spotlight: Janay

April 8, 2024

By Gabriella Fernandez, Communications Intern

Janay had spent years in different jobs, searching for fulfillment but never found her passion. It wasn’t until a conversation with a friend that she discovered The Culinary School at the Food Bank. The Culinary School is a 14- week training program, certified by the Delaware Department Education, that prepares students for careers in the food service industry.

Janay has always enjoyed cooking, it was an outlet for her. She decided she wanted a change in her career, so she enrolled in the culinary program. As a single mother, the offer of free tuition was even more attractive, providing her with the opportunity to pursue her passion without a financial burden. She loves being surrounded by everyone in the program as well as other individuals who share this same passion. Not only has she found her passion in cooking, but her mental health has improved.

Janay enjoys creating something delicious, “Cooking is love made visible.” 

Her short-term career goal is to gain more culinary experience in a bigger kitchen. She has had previous experience with working at fast food restaurants but she wants to expand on her experience. As for her long-term goal, Janay envisions owning a food truck. She wants to offer something unique rather than the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers. She wants to leave a lasting impression on all who try her food.

To anyone who is considering the program, Jayna has some advice: “Do it 100%. Just do it. Do it sad, do it mad, do it happy. Just do it!” As for the food bank and its programs, Jayna says there are amazing resources for people to utilize. We are living through hard times, she says and being able to use all the resources that the Food Bank has to offer has created a safety outlet for Janay and others. 

She is a few weeks away from graduation which means she is one step closer to reaching her goals. She knows that with the help of the Culinary School this is only the beginning of her new journey .

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