Delaware Botanic Gardens donates more than 1,000 pounds

May 20, 2021

Thanks to the Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek and their generous guests on Mother’s Day, our food-insecure neighbors will have access to 1,100 pounds of food that will be distributed to them through the Food Bank of Delaware’s pantries. The Delaware Botanic Gardens is a 37-acre tract of woodlands, wetlands, a meadow, and walking trails designed for visitors to enjoy ever-changing outdoor experiences.

“As a non-profit, we have an affinity for other non-profits and are mindful of other’s missions,” said the organization’s president, Ray Sander. “We know that in addition to the beauty of the garden, some residents are in need of food, clothing, and shelter.”

The recent Community Day – free garden admission with a donation to the Food Bank of Delaware – was held on Mother’s Day. “We thought people can enjoy it (the garden) and experience spiritual renewal, and we said ‘Let’s see if we can make a difference.’ Our visitors were very generous, and it was very gratifying,” Sander said.

In addition to the Mother’s Day donations, delivered by a volunteer to the Food Bank’s Milford branch, the Delaware Botanic Gardens delivered another 500 pounds of food collected last month at an Earth Day event, also held at the garden. “Our hearts are all in the same direction,” said Sander.

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