Food Donor of the Year: Chiquita

May 2, 2016

On April 21 we honored our top supporters of the year! Over the next several days we will highlight each of their contributions to our mission!

Providing fresh produce to Delawareans in need is important to our hunger-relief efforts. Without the generosity of supporters like Chiquita, we would not be able to do this. In the past year, Chiquita has donated 1,236,946 pounds of bananas!

Donations from Chiquita alone make up 21.75 percent of all non-governmental donated food products at the Food Bank of Delaware!

Bananas are appreciated not only by our network of hunger-relief partners, but also by Delawareans struggling to put meals on the table.

Thanks to the consistency of fresh donations from Chiquita, our SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Education team frequently uses this fresh fruit in cooking demonstrations, knowing the bananas will most likely be found in food pantries and hunger-relief programs throughout the state.

The team at Chiquita is also easy to work with. They always work to ensure that the product donated is the freshest possible and help the Food Bank save money on transportation costs by delivering the produce directly to the Newark warehouse.

Thank you, Chiquita, for helping to alleviate hunger in Delaware!

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