Legal Partner of the Year: George Danneman and Steven Kessler, The Danneman Firm

May 31, 2017

Last month we hosted our annual dinner and honored nine supporters who have gone above and beyond to support our Creating a Bold Future capital campaign! Over the past month, we have highlighted each of our honorees – last, but certainly not least, the Danneman Firm!

When the Food Bank purchased the new facility at 222 Lake Drive in July we were in need of a local attorney to assist with the settlement process. We were incredibly thankful when George Danneman from the Danneman Firm generously donated these services.

Steven Kessler, Director of Title Operations and Senior Counsel, handled the transaction making for a seamless process.

The Danneman Firm was accessible and willing to answer any questions throughout the settlement process. The firm made us feel like our project was a top priority. The Danneman Firm made settlement a breeze!

In addition to walking the Food Bank through the settlement process at 222 Lake Drive, the Danneman Firm assisted with clearing up an erroneous tax bill and reviewing contracts with different vendors.

Thanks to the Danneman Firm’s pro-bono work, we are able to direct more funds towards the Creating a Bold Future campaign. Serving the community is important to this local firm. In addition to business formation services, the fi rm also focuses on affordable housing, community development and more.

Thank you to the Danneman Firm for your commitment to a community free of hunger!

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