LINNE Industries donates solar-powered pond aeration system to Food Bank of Delaware

April 26, 2016

Thanks to a generous donation from LINNE Industries, the pond adjacent to the Food Bank of Delaware’s Milford branch will be healthier and much more visually appealing, rather than over grown with algae.

Earlier this month, LINNE Industries, the Newark-based manufacturer of the patented PondHawk® Solar Pond Aeration System, installed the system in the retention pond.

The patented PondHawk is the first fully-integrated solar-powered pond aeration system that delivers algae and mosquito eliminating bubbles to any pond anywhere without the expense of power delivery costs, electricity and peak demand charges.

PondHawk’s unique stealth and quiet design will not obstruct the beauty of the property, and its battery-free technology operates in variable weather conditions with very low maintenance costs.

“It is our privilege to have a PondHawk tending the pond at the Food Bank.” said Sandra Burton, Co-Founder, LINNE Industries. “LINNE Industries respects the Food Bank’s mission and commitment to environmental stewardship. We are honored to make this contribution to improve the water quality in their storm water pond, and by partnering with Envirotech on the installation we used the project to train their staff on the ease of installation.”

Matthew Talley, the Food Bank of Delaware’s Produce Access Coordinator, is credited for developing a viable connection with LINNE Industries, and he was pleased when the Milford branch installation was complete.

“The PondHawk is a fantastic way to showcase the Food Bank of Delaware’s triple bottom line philosophy. We operate a social service organization, and we do it a way that maintains economic viability at all times, but we’re also concerned with ecological sustainability. We truly appreciate this opportunity to form a partnership with LINNE Industries because it demonstrates our commitment to practicing responsible environmental stewardship. It’s going to improve the water quality of the pond located behind our Milford site, and we look forward to observing the difference it makes,” he said.

Branch Manager Chad Robinson echoed Burton’s and Talley’s sentiments.

“We are very grateful, and we appreciate this generous donation. Although we’re not into the hot summer months yet, we can already see how effectively the PondHawk functions,” he pointed out.

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