Perdue Farms $100,000 Grant Helps Fund New ‘Repack Room’ At Food Bank of Delaware And Helps Reduce Food Waste

December 10, 2020

Perdue Farms, as part of its “Delivering Hope to Our Neighbors” hunger relief initiative, has invested in a new “repack room” at the Food Bank of Delaware in Newark to help provide more protein and other nutritious food to Delawareans who face food insecurity and reduce food waste.

A $100,000 grant funded by the Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, the charitable giving arm of Perdue Farms, enabled the food bank to create the “repack room” at its new facility in Newark, Del. The 1,216-square-foot food-processing space will enable the receipt of bulk format containers of protein that the food bank can then convert to consumer-friendly, retail-size portions.

Protein is the most sought-after food group for food banks to acquire for children, seniors and families who face hunger due to prohibitive costs and short shelf life, but it is a vital part of a balanced diet. This partnership will increase access to more protein and reduce food waste.

“We are thankful for Perdue’s support of our repack room and our overall vision of a community free of hunger,” said Food Bank of Delaware Chief Development Officer Larry Haas. “We moved into our new facility at 222 Lake Drive in Newark focused on making sure we can get more fresh foods out to our community’s most vulnerable citizens. Perdue’s support of the repack room makes it possible for us to repack nutrious, fresh foods and get it into the hands of those who need it most.”

According to Food Bank of Delaware data, prior to the pandemic, there were more than 121,000 food insecure Delawareans. Now the organization and its network of partners are serving more than 164,000 Delawareans – many who are seeking assistance for the first time.

Thanks to the repack room, the Food Bank of Delaware will be able to capture, process and redistribute more protein. Perdue Farms is partnering with the Food Bank of Delaware in an animal protein pilot project will enable the organization to develop the methodology and processes to effectively repack protein and distribute it out to food insecure Delawareans.

The Perdue Foundation gift aligns with the company’s “Delivering Hope To Our Neighbors” hunger relief initiative focused on providing access to nutritious protein for people struggling with hunger and making meaningful progress toward ending hunger. In January, the Perdue Foundation announced a $1 million donation to support 10 of its Feeding America®-affiliated food bank partners in celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary.

“At Perdue Farms, we’re committed to doing all that we can to improve the communities we call home, and value our ability to help address the issues of food waste and insecurity and waste,” said Kim Nechay, executive director of the Perdue Foundation. “We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with the Food Bank of Delaware to make a difference to end hunger and lend a hand up to those struggling to put a meal on their table.”

Over the course of the partnership with the Food Bank of Delaware, Perdue has delivered more than 12 million pounds of nutritious chicken, Perdue associate volunteer support and additional funds to enable the food bank and its agency network to feed its hungry neighbors.

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