Social Entrepreneurship Award: Discover Bank

May 10, 2017

A few weeks ago we hosted our annual dinner and honored nine supporters who have gone above and beyond to support our Creating a Bold Future capital campaign! Over the next several weeks, we will highlight each of our honorees. 

Generating revenues through social entrepreneurship to support the mission of the Food Bank of Delaware will be a cornerstone at 222 Lake Drive.

Discover Bank is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of local nonprofits. The bank stepped up early and donated $120,000 to help jump start the new cafe at 222 Lake Drive.

To start, the cafe will feature breakfast and lunch for Food Bank visitors, individuals working in the industrial park and the surrounding community. The cafe will offer culinary students and alumni the opportunity to hone their
skills while making a sustainable wage.

In addition to breakfast and lunch, the cafe will be the hub for the Food Bank’s catering business.

Discover Bank understands that today’s nonprofits must identify sustainable ways to fund programs and initiatives. The bank is committing resources to help the Food Bank conduct a study on whether a food hub at 222 Lake Drive to improve distribution and logistics of Delaware-grown produce is a feasible business model for
future implementation. Thank you, Discover Bank!

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