Culinary School Spotlight: Roosevelt Mack

September 23, 2021

Roosevelt Mack had been working as a dishwasher, but was ready to advance his career. He found out about The Culinary School through an online search. He applied, went through the interview process, and was thrilled when he learned he had been accepted to the class that started on August 23.

In class for a month now, Roosevelt and his classmates are learning the ins and outs of the food service industry. From knife skills to the five mother sauces, the students are working to learn as much as possible before graduation in November.

The free 14-week training program is certified as a trade school by the Delaware Department of Education.

“We’re learning knife skills, learning to make our own soups and read the recipe right,” he said. “I’m doing things better and the right way.”

Roosevelt acknowledges that knife skills are key in the kitchen. He was holding the knife incorrectly before learning the proper technique from Chef Tim Hunter. “My cuts are getting a lot better,” he says.

“It’s a great program. We have some great chefs that are teaching us, and my peers are great,” Roosevelt points out.

While he is focused on completing the program and getting his foot in the door at a local restaurant, he can’t help but look towards the future. “Hopefully in the next five years, I’ll have my own food truck,” he explains.

With an opportunity to earn ServSafe certification, Roosevelt says the program is giving him the credentials to stand out. And if he really wants to wow somebody he says he is grilling ribs or baking chicken.

“Just knowing how to be prepared, on time and efficient plays is a big key in the kitchen,” he explains.

With the next culinary class starting on December 6, Roosevelt hopes others will enroll in the life-changing program. “This is the best program that I have ever been to,” he says. “It’s beautiful. I love it, and I advise others to try it.”

To learn more about the training opportunity, please click here.

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