Culinary School Spotlight: Sarah Salgado

February 7, 2022

The Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware is a family affair for Sarah Salgado. Her uncle, Felix Burgos, graduated from the program in 2018 and is excelling as a golf club kitchen manager. He encouraged her to apply for the 14-week training program.

Certified by the Delaware Department of Education as a trade school, The Culinary School provides hands-on daytime training to adults interested in careers in the food service industry.

Sarah currently works at Royal Farms and knew The Culinary School was an opportunity to expand her skillset and open up new career possibilities.

“The class has been really fun,” she says. “I actually look forward to coming here every morning to learn new stuff.”

Under the instruction of Chef Ron Roll, Sarah and her classmates have been learning how to properly hold a knife, food safety, cooking techniques like sautéing, braising, grilling and much more.

Sarah says her favorite recipe to prepare is quiche, and the class is helping both on the job and at home.

“It’s really fun once you start getting into the kitchen,” she points out. “It helps you develop skills so you can cook for your family and your job. It’s a win-win.”

In addition to hands-on training in the kitchen, Sarah and her classmates are also learning important life skills like financial literacy, customer service and more.

Now more than half way through the program, Sarah is looking forward to graduation in March. While she plans to move at the conclusion of class, she hopes to find employment in a school kitchen or food truck. “I want to start off small and work my way up like my uncle did,” Sarah says.

Interested in joining students like Sarah? Applications are currently being accepted for the next culinary class starting March 21 in Newark and Milford! To apply for the free training, click here.



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