Culinary Student Shares his Accomplishments and Passions

November 20, 2015

By John Esposito, Communications Intern

With two accomplished chef instructors, internship opportunities at some of Delaware’s best restaurants and job placement assistance, it is no surprise that residents across Delaware apply to the Food Bank of Delaware’s Culinary School. To date, more than 450 students have graduated from the Delaware Department of Education certified trade school to pursue their passions in the food service industry.

Max Saunders hopes to add his name to the extensive list of Culinary School graduates when he completes the 14-week training program in January.

Max has always been interested in the food and beverage industry. However, prior employment at Buffalo Wild Wings solidified his love for cooking.

He knew he needed to expand his skill set in order to climb the food service ladder. He began researching ways to hone his craft and found The Culinary School. The 14-week training program with a two-week paid internship was a perfect fit for him.

Formal Maxtraining at The Culinary School is helping him develop the techniques and skills to advance in the field.

“This program is going to be the footwork for my long-term goals,” he said. “By accomplishing this short-term goal, I am laying down the foundation for the rest of my career.” he said.

Max has been pleased by the ‘hands on experience’ at The Culinary School. He advises others interested in a career in the food service industry to apply.

“Do not be hesitant about applying here,” he said. “Chef Sean McNeice is hands on. Not only is he a fun guy to be around, he can take you where you want to go.”

Max is already planning his next steps.

“Eventually I want to open my own restaurant,” he said. “For me, getting in the kitchen, leaning how to cook and learning the importance of ServSafe® allows me to understand how the kitchen is supposed to be managed.”

Interested in a career in the food service industry? Click here to learn more about The Culinary School at the Food of Delaware.

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