First year tax check-off is a big success; donations boost Food Bank

June 6, 2018

Thanks to the generosity of Delaware residents, the Food Bank of Delaware realized $22,276 this year through an income tax check-off. Those funds will help provide 27,859 meal boxes for seniors and backpacks to 5,775 children throughout the school year.

Residents would not have had this opportunity to help if it were not made possible through legislation, HB 61, cosponsored by Rep. Paul Baumbach (D-Newark) and Sen. Bryan Townsend (D-Newark). That law created a section in the state tax code which allows people to designate a donation to the Food Bank of Delaware while paying their personal income tax.  

Residents who have overpaid taxes – as well as those who were entitled to a refund – could designate $1 or more from that refund to the Food Bank. In addition, residents who owe taxes to the state Division of Revenue could also make a donation after they pay the required tax.

“I am so impressed with the volume and quality of the critical work performed by the Food Bank of Delaware, and wanted to ensure that we made it as easy as possible for Delaware taxpayers who choose to direct a portion of their refund to the Food Bank. In its first year of operation, this donation program has raised over $20,000, putting food on the tables of homes across our state. I am thankful for the generous donors, for the Food Bank of Delaware, and for my colleagues who supported this law,” said Rep. Baumbach.

HB 61 also included an opportunity to make donations through a tax check-off to Habitat for Humanity in all three counties.

Thanks, Rep. Baumbach, for creating an easy way for Delawareans to help their neighbors. Visit to see how you can help!


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