How does your garden grow? Plant a Row to share with your neighbors

June 21, 2018

Food Bank of Delaware will help distribute surplus produce

Even though Delaware had a cool spring and residents experienced a rainy June, local home-based gardens will soon be yielding fresh produce.

Gardeners whose harvest is greater than their need have an opportunity to share extra fruit, vegetables and herbs with the neighbors through the Food Bank of Delaware.

Here’s how our Plant a Row program works:

  • If you’re still planting later crops, plant an extra row. When the garden starts to produce, instead of letting the surplus harvest go to waste, bring it to the Food Bank warehouse in Newark or Milford from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • The Food Bank will distribute the fresh produce through our network of 536 hunger relief partners statewide. Hunger relief partners include food closets, day care centers, shelters, senior centers, nonprofit organizations and others

If your garden is starting to thrive, excess produce is always welcome. The Food Bank of Delaware assists thousands of Delawareans who visit food pantries in their community.

The Food Bank of Delaware has also cultivated relationships with commercial farmers who share their surplus with food-insecure Delawareans.

To learn more about produce donations to the Food Bank, please click here.

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