SCRAPPLE: Students create new ways to prepare, serve regional delicacy

March 16, 2023

Scrapple fried and served as a side to eggs, not anymore!

Thanks to a partnership between RAPA and Habbersett scrapple manufacturers, our Culinary Students competed in a RAPA-sponsored scrapple recipe contest late last month. In addition to VISA-gift card prizes for our student chefs,  the winning recipes will appear on the company’s web site.

Students at both the Newark and Milford sites were introduced to scrapple – considered a regional delicacy – by Executive Chef Tim and Chef Instructor Tish in their respective classes. Scrapple, created by the Pennsylvania Dutch outside Philadelphia in the 17th century,  was originally pork based, but today there are beef and turkey options. It’s made with meat trimmings cooked with oatmeal, wheat flour, and spices. Blocks of scrapple are sold in both the freezer and meat counters in local grocery stores. RAPA Scrapple is manufactured in nearby Bridgeville, Delaware.

For the competition, culinary students had to research and prepare a recipe; the final dishes were judged by a panel of judges consisting of Food Bank staff, chef instructors and guest chef Maurice Catlett from SoDel Concepts.

Congratulations to the winners in Milford:

1st place: Scrapple Shepherds Pie made by Walt
2nd place: Scrapple Cinnamon Buns made by Ja
3rd place: Scrapple Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers made by Michael

The winners in Newark were:

1st place: Scrapple Bahn Mi made by Alejandro
2nd place: French Toast Turkey Scrapple made by Tianna
3rd place: Scrapple Mac and Cheese made by Monique.

“We are trying to promote that scrapple is not just for breakfast, to move it outside the breakfast realm,” said John Curtis, RAPA and Habbersett brands sales manager (pictured above with Executive Chef Tim Hunter). “We’re building on the creativity of the students.”

Visit for more information about scrapple and scrapple recipes. Visit for more information about The Culinary School.


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