Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth Mayer

February 29, 2016

By Lindsey Hargett, Communications Intern

When Ruth Mayer walked into the Food Bank of Delaware, she did not know what to expect, but she had a lot of energy and a passion for helping. Mayer, a retired high school teacher and master gardener, has been volunteering at the Food Bank for two years and loves it now just as much as she did when she started.

“I just called Pat [President and CEO] one day and said ‘I have a lot of energy and I am organized. What can I do?’” she said.

Ruth started in the volunteer room, but eventually migrated over to the office where she does clerical work. She quickly became known as “Chief Envelope Stuffer.” A title that is now being challenged by Mr. Smith, a fellow volunteer, Mayer jokes.

Ruth’s main job is clerical work, but she also helps out with events, such as the Blue Jean Ball, making center pieces and other flower arrangements.

“I love preparing for events, it’s so exciting, all the decorations and people, and of course I love stuffing my envelopes,” Mayer said. “But my favorite thing about being here is finding a parking spot.” she laughed.

Ruth said one of the many perks of volunteering is not only physically helping out the community, but also seeing adults graduate from the culinary school is incredibly rewarding.

“They are surrounded by their loved ones and you know that they will give back to their community through the means of delicious food,” she said.

As soon as I met Ruth I could tell she exudes so much energy and can make just about anyone around her smile. Fortunately for the Food Bank staff, she brings that enthusiasm to the organization. When asked why she enjoys volunteering at the Food Bank so much she quickly said, “The people.”

“The people who make this run, it is incredible how they do it. The whole community is amazed with the work that they do here. They run a tight ship and you know that your money and time are going to an incredible cause,” said Mayer.

Interested in learning how you can help the Food Bank of Delaware? Visit www.fbd.org to learn more!

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